Newsbrief: Egypt has once again fallen victim to terrorist attacks by the Islamic State in Sinai

by  Shannon McKeever and Jackie Sizing
edited by Stephanie LeClair

At least 18 police were killed this past Monday, September 11th, by a suicide bomber’s explosive packed car near Egyptian security according to the Washington Post.

(Photo: Washington Post)

Wilayat Sinai, an Islamic State affiliate, has claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack. They have claimed more than 800 attacks across Egypt since making its pledge to the Islamic State in November.

The battle between Egypt and Sinai has been going on for four years, and it has costed hundreds of lives. Since 2013, Egyptian security has killed over 2,500 people suspected to be affiliated with these attacks.

Ten percent of Egypt’s population is  the Egypt’s Coptic Christians. They have recently become the target. The Islamic State seems to be trying to turn the Egyptians against the Sissi government. The Sissi government has not protected their minorities. 

In the week of September 10th, lawmakers issued a statement promising to eliminate terrorism. Heather Nauert, U.S. State Department spokeswoman said the United States “will continue to stand with Egypt as it confronts the threat from terrorism, ”according to the Washington Post. 

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