Newsbrief: ISIS convoy set free

by Nick Gonsalves
edited by Amanda Holland

A convoy of 300 ISIS fighters and their families have been allowed to continue their journey after U.S. airstrikes ceased fire, according to New York Times.

According to Rod Nordland and Eric Schmitt from the New York Times, American military were commanded to let the Islamic forces continue on their journey toward Sukhna, Syria. The American forces were compelled to discontinue the airstrikes because of a phone call that came from the Russian military headquarters in Syria last Friday. According to Nordland and Schmitt, American officials withdrew because of “a complicated trade-off of competing priorities.”

Many American officials and soldiers are not happy with this decision to withdraw because it’s “reversing a vow never to let the militants pass and yielding a tactical victory to the Islamic State,” Nordland and Schmitt write.


(Photo: New York Times)


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