Newsbrief: The United States meets with Iran and other countries about nuclear deal

by Brendan Neal
edited by Bryce Johnson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  met with the groups that are part of the 2015 nuclear deal to discuss the possibility of the United States withdrawing on Wednesday, September 20th, according to the Washington Post.

The meeting involved Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germany, the other countries involved in the deal.

President Donald Trump is considering removing the United States from the nuclear deal. Trump has said both, “I’ve decided” and “I’ll let you know.”

Trump has until October 15th to certify that Iran is complying under the deal.

Democratic senators are pushing Trump to inform them of any potential breaches by Iran in the deal which is required by law.  The senators are saying they must be notified within ten days if a potential breach has occurred. The Trump administration is saying that Iran is complying with their side of the deal.

 Tillerson is expected to meet with Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif later on Wednesday. The meeting will be held at the United Nations.

(Photo: Washington Post)

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