Pearly Pond swim is a new FPU Tradition

(Photo: CeLynn Siemons)

by CeLynn Siemons

There was a large turnout for the Pearly Pond Swim, a new campus tradition.

The Franklin Pierce Swim Team paired up with campus recreation to start this yearly event for the entire Franklin Pierce Community.

The FPU Swim Team started the afternoon at 4:30 p.m. by swimming a course, marked by three buoys, together before inviting the public to follow. The team then dried off and served as lifeguards. The general swim took place between 5 and 6 p.m. on the beach by the boathouse.

Doug Carty, the director of campus recreation and swim coach Brian Fazzino created a course for the participants to use during the event.

“Brian came up with this concept so we opened it up to the whole Franklin Pierce community,” said Carty.

First, the swim team swam about 500 yards while competing for time. The general public followed and completed a 300 yard course made out of three buoys.

The planners originally wanted the public course to be almost a thousand yards, made by a 300x300x300 yard triangle. Fazzino recognized that having the middle buoy at 300 yards off shore would be over half way to the opposite shoreline. Thinking this would be intimidating to the swimmers at all different skill levels, he shortened the course tremendously.

“I was hired last year…and that was one of the first things, when I drove onto campus, that I thought of. Everyone joked that we didn’t have a pool but we have a pond. I was like ‘so you guys think I’m joking but I’m actually going to do a swim in the pond’, ” said Fazzino.

Fazzino first suggested the idea in October of of 2016 but the plans were not finalized until the week before the event. Fazzino planned to have the 16 female athletes compete for time in a yearly swim of about 500 yards, but Carty came up with the concept of opening it up to the general public after the swim team had completed their course. Their hope is to have this event attended by as many people as the Grand Monadnock Climb.

“I emailed the other coaching staff because I know a lot of them cross train,” Fazzino said as more student athletes piled onto the small beach.

Athletes, students and faculty all participated in this event.


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