SGA budget left with $19 thousand

by Eric Hammett

edited by Alex Thenin

The SGA started this semester with $19 thousand out of a total $37 thousand budget.

(photo: Eric Hammett)

At the start of the academic year SGA has made a bold move that consumed over half of the starting budget that it started with. SGA prioritized their budget by spending $18 thousand on important expenses. The money went to its usual places such as superfunds, and capital improvements, as well as a new one senior sendoff.

These programs are important because they ensure that the campus can get upgrades such as new dumpsters or electronic charging stations. Senior sendoff being the seniors final event on campus and a sort of last hurrah to end their college careers or move on to an undergraduate program.

This raises some concern for students who heard about this situation through word of mouth. However, SGA officers are confident. “I feel like it was a good call,” SGA Parliamentarian Gianni Pajaron said. He referred to last year when budget concerns were very high because of a possible lack of funds.

Although confident of the plan certain veteran members are skeptical due to previous spending experiences “there needs to be more discussion throughout the entire year and people shouldn’t vote on things just because of the price tag associated with it,” said SGA President Matthew Dresselhouse

Although the SGA is confident this plan will work they understand the difficulties that might come from it. “It will really challenge the clubs to come up with amazing ideas to catch student attention,” said Pajaron.


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