Students Play Video Games to Represent Franklin Pierce University

by Ian Keating
edited by CeLynn Siemons

Students conducted a meet up after gamers club on Thursday, September 14 to discuss participating on a League of Legends team.

League of Legends is composed of two teams of five players pitted against each other to battle out and destroy the other base.

Ryan Wooley formed the team in January of this year, which was then composed of seniors and himself. Ryan was able to start the team back up again.

Julius Peel, one of the founders said he wanted a “lasting program for the school and a scholarship program for the team.”

One of the challenges they had to overcome was buying the rights to the team. Ronnie Morrissey, another founder said, “to get the team we had to buy the right from Riot.” Riot, a gaming company, is the creator of the game League of Legends.

(Photo: Ian Keating)

They are participating in the first tournament against 12 other schools, and the list continues to grow.  Riot is sending them gear and other supplies to help them support the team like shirts, hoodies, and lanyards.


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