Coach Nick Seymour dies in car crash

by Kobie Adams
edited by Haley Gardner and Bryce Johnson

Nick Seymour, the assistant coach for the Franklin Pierce Sprint Football team, passed away due to injuries sustained from a car accident on September 27th.  

Seymour was a member of the football coaching staff for four out of the six years that the team has been a sport at Franklin Pierce. Rashad Watson, the head coach, referred to Seymour as a “good guy, who was dedicated, and possessed an awkward brilliance.” Seymour possessed a sense of humor that his coworkers and those around him referred to as “unexpected.” 

Seymour had a stoic personality, and seriousness he possessed on the exterior, said Watson, to only be a part of him.

(Photo: Franklin Pierce University Athletics)

“We were shocked by his passing,” said defensive line assistant coach James Willette.

The Seymour family and the Franklin Pierce sprint football team are in close contact.  

A memorial service is planned for Seymour on October 16th.

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