Column: A life cut short

by Taji Owens
edited by Dan Longtin

(Photo: Franklin Pierce Athletics)

It was a normal night in Somerville Mass.

Just about 30 minutes outside of the Boston, Somerville has a population of 75,754. There are parts of it that aren’t pleasant to be at during times of the night, especially in the Mystic Projects neighborhood.

Kevin Raymond lived in the Projects neighborhood and had just texted his mom a few minutes before telling her “Im omw home.” A few minutes later on October 14th, 2017 around 3:30 a.m. Raymond was shot. He was rushed to the hospital where he passed away not long after arrival.

Raymond’s death has deeply affected his family and friends. He was a student athlete at Franklin Pierce University, playing on the sprint football team. Students on campus have sent their condolences to his family, and his former football teammates have written his name and the number on their equipment.

Death isn’t easy to handle for lots of people.  If you grow up in dangerous places where there’s lots of shootings like Raymond’s, then you become used to it with it happening so often.

Kevin was just a week shy of turning 21 years old at the time he was killed. That’s about the time when you become an adult and around the age when you start doing adult things. He won’t be able to do anything anymore because of this tragic shooting.

With Kevin gone, we can only enjoy the moments that we have shared with him and never forget the times where he’s touched the people close to him. He will always be remembered and never forgotten.

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