Column: Fundraising taken away from frisbee

by CeLynn Siemons

(Photo: Ultimate Facebook page)

 The biggest fundraiser for the ultimate frisbee team for many years has been working at the Cheshire Fair, but this year the opportunity was lost.

Captain of the team, junior Anthony Guida, worked at the Cheshire fair last year when the team raised about $500. Guida directed parking for the event and told people where to put their vehicles. With the Cheshire Fair drawing in so many people this is not an easy task. He worked for about eight hours in the summer heat with other members of the team. It made for a long and tiresome day, but Guida said it was worth it to raise the budget for frisbee.

Ultimate frisbee is a club team at FPU so they are not provided any money towards the costs of tournaments, games, uniforms or transportation. They continue to use shuttles for their games by paying 35 cents a mile. This may not sound expensive, but their tournaments are rarely less than two hours away.

On top of the money used for transportation, Guida says most tournaments have a fee of $150 to $200 to attend. They cost the latter when the tournament is a two day weekend tournament. This leaves the team with the option of paying straight out of the account that they deposit their fundraised money into or attempting to get as many people to go as they can and have everyone pay $10 or $15 out of pocket.

Guida is worried about turning away more players because of the expenses that the team must pay out of pocket. Between tournament costs, uniforms and meals on all of their trips, the cost is adding up.

Working at the Cheshire Fair to raise money for these costs was a long standing tradition for the students, but it came to an end after the fair of 2016. According to Guida, the members hosting the event were “not impressed with the students and their work.” Although, team members thought the complaint was unjustified, the team was not invited to volunteer for the following years of the fair.

With a budget this year of $750 the ultimate frisbee team may have to attend fewer tournaments and consider other ways to raise money. The team already agreed to have everyone buy their own jerseys at full cost. 

Guida explained that they may do a fundraiser in the winter by shoveling cars out from the snow after storms, but the money raised will not compare to what they earned at the Cheshire Fair.

Ultimate frisbee attends several tournaments in the fall and spring. Their winter efforts and other fundraising events will go towards spring tournaments and games. There is worry about how much will be left to cushion the team next year or if they will be able to pay for tournaments next fall.

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