Environmental Club held sunrise hike as their first event

by Yuri Furuuchi
edited by Shannon Slater

Thirty students participated in a Sunrise Monadnock Hike hosted as the first event by the Pierce Environmental Club on Sunday, October 22.

Participants climbed to the summit, and the club members provided students coffee and hot chocolate. They left campus on Sunday at 3am and came back around 8 a.m.

Senior Sasha Petrycki, the vice president of the club said, “Not only was it a great exercise, but bringing people together to witness something beautiful is priceless.”

The Pierce Environmental Club started this semester after senior Victoria Williams, the president of the club brought the idea to her friend Petrycki. One of their goal, is to bring excitement to the Environmental Science major and to help the environment on campus.

The club came up with this idea last year. There have been sunrise hikes before, but never a sunrise one. 

(Photo: Google)

Williams said, “We have so much nature on and around campus and the students here don’t always see that. So we really want to start doing more events like this that show that even more.”

Because of the success of this event, the Pierce Environmental Club is planning to start doing more events. They hope to bring more people together from different backgrounds.


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