Feature: Misdiagnosis leads to emergency surgery

(photo credits: Facebook)

by Logan Sherwood

“Everything the doctors said went in one ear and out the other,” said Dominik Souza. “I just wanted to be back to normal.”

One week before moving into his senior year at Franklin Pierce University, Dominik Souza felt the worst pain and scariest moment of his life.

Saturday morning Dominik woke up feeling bloated and nauseous, while suffering sharp pain in in every part of his stomach. After a two hour car ride from his girlfriend’s house, some home remedies from his mom, and trying to sleep it off, the pain was only getting worse.

“The pain was almost unbearable,” said Dominik. “It just felt like I was being stabbed nonstop.”

Dominik went to the hospital where he was given a CT scan on his gallbladder. With no immediate threat indicated, the doctor decided it could be a stomach ulcer and ordered a prescription for Oxycodone. While Dominik was picking up his prescription, he began vomiting onto the CVS Pharmacy floor.

“I knew that night they misdiagnosed me,” Dominik said. “The Oxycodone was not working.”

Sunday morning, in excruciating pain, Dominik went back to the hospital to be told his appendix was partially burst. Surgery was needed within 30 minutes.

“I had no faith in the doctors the second time I went in,” said Dominik. “They had made a mistake the first time, so I was scared.”

After surgery, the second doctor made it a note to share that he would be filing a report on the previous doctor for his misdiagnosis.

“It sounds silly, but I am lucky to be alive,” said Dominik. “It was the largest appendix the doctor has ever taken out.”

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