In-between, an art gallery that looks at humans in-betweenness

by Alex Thenin

(Photo: Alex Thenin)

On October 23rd the Thoreau Art Gallery opened its new exhibit In-Between filled with amazing drawings by Elena Peteva that from afar look like photos but from close up reveal a hidden complexity.

In-between had its reception on October 25th. Peteva gave a talk about her work, relieving some of the meaning behind the drawings. She said it showed how people changed and the images were them in in-between states; in-betweenness she called it. She said that a moment could reveal more than day, and that you see something when someone takes off their poker face. She made sure to give enough information to intrigue the audience, but left enough for the audience to create their interpretation of her works.

About fifteen people were in attendance for the talk.

Peteva stressed the importance’s of detail, stating, “I work with a lot of patience; I love detail.” While giving her speech she relieved that she had been working on the exhibition for years. She stressed the importance of the small details imploring the audience to take their time while interpreting her work.

All her drawings were made with charcoal, some drawings were made through collage while others were sanded to get the right color.

Two audience members described the gallery as “beautiful.” While another described the gallery as invoking an indescribable feeling.

The Thoreau Art Gallery is holding the exhibition till December 4th.

(Photo: Elena Peteva)

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