Ringing in fall the right way

by Stephanie LeClair

Students bobbed for corn in order to win a Polaroid camera on Cheshire Field at an event around forty students attended, Friday night, September 29, 2017.

Corn bobbing and shucking contest (Photo: Stephanie LeClair)

PAC hosted the Corny-est Event Ever. This event was originally only going to consist of a corn maze. “Everyday we just brainstormed and came up with more and more corn related things until we thought of everything we possibly could!” said sophomore Bailey Clapp, PAC’s Marketing and Publicity Coordinator.

All the activities were corn themed. They included corn hole, a corn maze, grilled corn, a popcorn and corn muffin station, a photo-booth with corn decor, and a shucking and bobbing contest.

The shucking and bobbing contest was a big hit. Students had to grab a partner to compete. One student had to bob for an ear of corn. Once they got it, they had to hand it off to their partner who then had to shuck it. The fastest team won a Polaroid camera.

The Polaroid camera caught many students’ attention. This type of camera prints the pictures you take with it on the spot.

The winning team had a time of just under six seconds. “I had a lot of fun and came in second place in the competition,” said sophomore Savannah Flynn.

Much of the fun was captured on Snapchat using PAC’s personal geotag that was created for the event. A geotag is a design someone can create and pay for to have posted on snapchat for people in the area to add to their pictures.



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