Roberto Chong, excelling athletically, struggling financially

    (Photo: Roberto Chong)

by Dan Longtin

Freshman international student Roberto Chong has been fortunate to be an enrolled student at the university, but has found troubles in finances.

“I had to get rid of my first car that was special to me if I wanted to go to school,” Chong said

Chong has a huge hobby for cars and loves muscle cars such as ford mustangs and dodge challengers.  His car was nothing compared to any of those vehicles but he put much work into his car which brought much disappointment to him that he had to get rid of the car.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make.”

Chong is from Majorca, a small island off the coast from Spain, the same place where his tennis idol Rafael Nadal is from.  Majorca is known for the inner beauty of the island with nice beaches to surf, small towns, and jaw dropping scenery.  Chong knew he wouldn’t be the next Nadal, but if he wanted to get an education, tennis would be able to make this happen.  His only problem was cost.

“The tuition was much lower after my I received my scholarships” Chong said. “But because of my situation as an international student, I could not receive much financial aide.”

This brought Chong to have to start searching for jobs on campus, or else he would end up having to leave the school.

“I ended up trying to find a job on campus like a community assistant or a staff member in the dinning hall.  I also have friends offer to drive me places close by to work as well.” Chong said

Chong just was hired in the dinning hall working nineteen hours on the weekends.  He hopes to be making around ten dollars an hour so he can pay off his tuition.

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