A new vocal club comes to Franklin Pierce University this semester

by Brandon Desmond
edited by Stephanie LeClair

A brand new club hopes to perform at Open House on November 12th, as well as at games and other events.

Ten to 12 singers have signed up for the new A Cappella club.

Freshmen Michael Mottola, president and Alex Wentworth, vice president got the club approved by the SGA in October.

Auditions went well when they were hosted last month. There is a meeting that will be held on November 3rd about another day for auditions for anyone who missed the first round.

The A Cappella group currently only has one song planned to work on, which is the Star Spangled Banner. Their practices occur on Thursday nights with a possibility of a Saturday afternoon rehearsal as well.

(Photo: Brandon Desmond)

The singers will be split into different vocal groups based on pitch ranges. From that, every member of the group will be allowed to suggest songs for the group to practice and eventually perform. Mottola said, “We want it to be fun and interactive.”

Mottola had the idea for the group from his days back in high school. Mottola said that the group is inspired to help people meet and interact with each other.

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