Column: Goodbyes are often the best learning experiences

by Harrison Berkland
edited by Bryce Johnson

Athletic training assistants Taylor Bright and Jenna Bellano’s stint of assisting Franklin Pierce athletes comes to an end November 17th, 2017.

When you work closely with a group of people everyday you build friendships and learn a lot of new things in the process.

As Bright and Bellano are gearing up to move onto the next stages of their lives and careers, they have to first say goodbye to the lives they have become accustomed to for the past four years.

Bright said, “For me, the hardest part about leaving is the fact that I live in California so I know that I will not be seeing 90 percent of the people I have met here at Franklin Pierce and Keene over the past four years.”

As athletic training majors both Bright and Bellano were extremely excited about getting to intern at Franklin Pierce because it was a place to get real hands on training as opposed to just simply sitting in a classroom and learning about the job.

Bellano said, “Franklin Pierce will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve met some incredible people here and have learned so many new things that are going to help me grow as a trainer.”

For both Bright and Bellano this was the longest that they have had to commute for a job so far in their lives with the commute being a 30 minute drive from Keene to Rindge. Bright said, “Knowing that everyday I had to drive 30 minutes everyday to get to work was great practice for what is likely to come when I settle down and start my career.”









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