Column: Mathew Vincent living out his lip sync dreams

(Photo: Franklin Pierce University Lip Sync Flyer)

“All of my friends would joke around all week about joining the lip singing contest. What they didn’t know is that deep inside i wanted to be apart of the show,” said junior finalist Mathew Vincent.

Lip syncing is something Mathew has always loved doing, whether it was in the shower or looking in the mirror in his room.

“Vincent has always loved to put himself in someone else’s shoes and act like I’m the one who created the song or music video,”

With the contest being in Spagnuolo Hall, Saturday, November fourth, Vincent would enter the contest being very nervous. He would come out on stage to the song” Balling” by Jim Jones. With his dance moves and enthusiasm, he immediately got the crowd on their feet and create lots of laughs.

“Winning that round boosted my confidence by a lot. I knew I had the crowd on my side after that,” said Vincent.

Vincent would feed off of the crowd’s energy to keep him going throughout each round.  He was no longer afraid of messing up or “look dumb” in front of the crowd.

Going into the next round he would lip sing to the song “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. His fashion and similar Michael Jackson “dance moves” would once again get the crowd off their feet. Getting the crowd to die of laughter due to his moves and facial expressions was his main goal. With the crowd clapping him on and encouraging him throughout his performance, it would later on get them to vote for him and advance him to the final round.

“I did believe I was the crowd favorite. They tended to laugh and enjoy everything that I did on stage. If I keep it up, they’d vote for me to be the champion,”, said Vincent.

Unfortunately, he would lose in the final round by five votes, but would go on to win a Chipotle gift card. As far as his goals personally, he accomplished them. Being able to be himself while having fun doing it was all that he cared about.

“At the end of the day, I participated in something that most guys on campus wouldn’t consider “cool” to do. But it’s something that made me happy. If people could learn how to not follow the crowd and do something that they enjoy, then there would be a lot of happier campus students out there.” said Vincent.



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