Column: The importance of student involvement

by Bryce Johnson
edited by Trent Dunn

Entering college, students are encouraged to get involved on campus for various reasons. However, what do you get out of being involved?

Morgan Baker is now the Graduate Assistant at the Fitzwater Center Depot. A Mass Communications major who graduated in May of 2016, Baker was involved on campus with FPTV and the Club Ultimate Frisbee team.

Baker was a founding member of Club Ultimate Frisbee in his freshman year and rose to be the  president in his junior and senior years.

(Photo: Morgan Baker)

“It gave me experience with red tape,” he said. “For example, with Ultimate Frisbee, to go to a tournament we had to get transportation through the school, make sure the insurance was okay, make sure everything was paid for on time. It made me appreciate the hoops I had to jump through. “

Also, an active member of FPTV all four years of college, Baker was on the FPTV executive board in his sophomore, junior and senior year. During his senior year he was the TV station manager.

Baker said the most difficult part of being a leader was getting others involved.

“One of the toughest things was engagement,” he said. “Getting people involved and keeping them engaged as members. With FPTV, it was tough to find people to do each part of the process.”

He experienced similar problems with the Ultimate Frisbee team.

“Nobody wants to run sprints, lift weights,” he said. “Everybody wants to play. It was tough to balance the tough with the mundane.”

Baker says in some ways, he learned just as much outside of the classroom with these clubs, as he did in it.

“Both FPTV and Ultimate Frisbee helped me work with a group of people outside the classroom,” Baker said. “Group projects are great, but they don’t give you that team experience outside the classroom.”

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