Community Service leader out of a job

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by CeLynn Siemons

The Community Service campus organization will be ending early this semester due to a decrease in funding, meaning that five programs will shut down.

Ashley Hovan, one of three community service coordinators, will be directly affected because she holds a paid position. Not only is the loss of income affecting Hovan but she is disappointed in the halt of volunteer service provided to the community.

The budget cuts were made in the spring and they are affecting how long the organization can continue to run their events. They will have to stop doing community service projects after this week instead of continuing until the end of the semester.

Hovan said, “Many of the programs are involving kids and the elderly and it’s sad that we are just not going to be there for them after.” She is disappointed in the lack of support for the community service group.

Hovan always looked forward to working with the kids and elderly in their Good Shepherd and Head start programs. She visited the local preschool and a nearby elderly home. She has also been involved in Fast Friends, which involves working with dogs.

She has built relationships with the preschoolers that she visits while being involved in the Head start program.“They have started to call me Ms. Hovan and are always really excited to see us.” She would like to continue to see the kids every week throughout the year to support their knowledge and growth. This friendship will be torn apart and the kids will miss their interactions with the college students. 

“I’m definitely going to miss the kids,” said Hovan.

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