FPU Student feels Anxiety over Academic Showcase Presentation

by Joe Lehmann
edited by Ian Keating

Some time after Gabbi Gleiman presented her project on the history of goat blood for writing on paper for her Book Design Class, she received an offer from Professor Rob Diercks, the instructor, to present her slideshow at the Academic Showcase. Presenting a topic for the Academic Showcase has never been an interest for those who are not comfortable with speaking out loud, especially in Gabbi’s case. The Academic Showcase is a stressful time for many students, having to stand up and talk to complete strangers about a subject you worked so hard on for a class. “I didn’t think I had done something worth presenting at the showcase,” Gabbi recollects, “but I decided to go for it.”

Gabbi usually tries to make herself least noticeable in her classes because she fears about being wrong. But now she’s agreed to not just an individual presentation but also doing a reenactment of a famous Shakespearean dialogue along with her Shakespeare class. Since performing the Shakespearean monologue would be done with a team, Gabbi felt some pressure off her shoulders compared to her personal Showcase. “Doing two showcases didn’t bother me too much as one of them was a class effort,” Gabbi admits. “I didn’t really think about that presentation as much as my own panel.”

Right before her presentation started on the day of the Academic Showcase, she paced around in the halls of Fitzwater, reading and rereading her flash cards while also going over her script portion for the Shakespeare Showcase. She presented her showcase in a small classroom that held a small audience, including Professor Diercks. Once her presentation ended, she received a great round of applause from the audience. With this boost of confidence, she felt just as good, if not better, when performing with her Shakespeare Class, which also performed spectacularly.

Following the Academic Showcase, she received high marks for her grades at the end of the semester. Because of her experience in doing one of the most important events on campus during the academic year, Gabbi has begun to feel confident in her ability to participate more in her classes. If given the option of participating in another Showcase, “I definitely would.”

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  1. Precise and to the point . Excellent writing Joe.

    Nancy Welsh November 30, 2017 at 10:27 pm Reply

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