Franklin Pierce University flying higher than hate

by Eric Hammett
edited by Ian Keating

(photo: Matt Dresselhouse)

Junior Matthew Dresselhouse collaborated with the University of Virginia when he joined student government officers around the country in reading an anti-hate speech statement in a video.

On November 8th Matthew was contacted by a student government representative from the University of Virginia. The email contained a request to make a video for the school with the hashtag #Studentsagainsthate.
When asked if he expected to be a part of the event “to be asked? No but to be noticed nationally, yes because so many schools were a part of it,” said Dresselhouse. He said that FPU was one of 58 schools that made a video.
Dresselhouse and Kalyn DaSilva filmed the video Friday at 8 a.m. and the video was edited by the afternoon, it was later uploaded at 4 p.m. on Sunday November 12th.

The video lasted for about a minute and thirty seconds and consisted of a reading of a statement from the University of Virginia.


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