Honors program presentation almost unattended

by Alex Thenin

(photo: 949whom.com)

On Monday November 13th at 630 p.m. the audience equaled the presenters as the honors contracts were discussed.

The presentation was meant to clear up confusion about the honors program to new honors student. It focused on honors contracts and how they worked.

There were eight presenters giving a presentation to eight students. The presentation lasted about 23 minutes and ended with a whimper. Only one student and a reporter asked a question.

“Students graduating before the year 2021 only need six honors classes,” a presenter said to the silent audience.

Honors contracts are not standardized. The presenters said, to get a honors contract approved, a student must come up with a project idea that ties in into the class. The student must then get the professor’s approval and sign a contract. If the project is successful the course will count as an honors credit.

The presentation gave some suggestions on the types of projects students could do like study guides or studies, but the entire process is left up to the students.

When pressed by an audience member about any specific guidelines they could follow, the presenters responded with “you guide yourself.”

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