Jazz Ensemble prepares for concert on December 5th

Photo: Brandon Desmond

by Brandon Desmond

edited by Zach Letourneau


It is nearing the end of the semester, which means it is time for the annual holiday concerts sponsored and organized by the music department.

Richard Page, the jazz ensemble instructor for 24 years here, is excited for the performance. This semester had a whole new bunch of musicians, with two returning students. They learned the songs quickly, and it allowed time for the ensemble to really craft the pieces.

Songs from the ensemble will involve many fabulous solos from multiple musicians. The repertoire includes pieces from Amy Winehouse to an original form of Ska music. Ska music is a genre that originated from Jamaica, which combines American jazz with a hint of Caribbean sounds.

What attracts Jazz music to the music department is that it is a place for musicians to improvise and get better at their craft. For any interested musicians on campus who can play, Page said, “Come on down.”

Jazz music has an expectation for improvisation. Page said, “I’m always excited to improvise over new songs.”


For those who are interested in attending the music department concerts, they are listed below.

12/4 @ 7:30pm – Choral Union / Chamber Singers

12/5 @ 6:00pm – Jazz Ensemble

12/6 @ 5:00pm – Percussion Ensemble

12/7 @ 4:30pm – Guitar Ensemble

12/8 @ 7:30pm – Choral Union / Chamber Singers

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