Journalism students run “A Day in the Life”

by Bryce Johnson
edited by Trent Dunn

(Photo: Bryce Johnson)

The 47 students in the Journalism 1, 2 and Feature Writing classes are producing their biannual “A Day in the Life” project.

Journalism professor Paul Bush said, “It’s essentially a newsroom experience and everyone sees what it’s like to write multiple pieces in one day.”

Each class has a different role and challenge in the event. The 15 Journalism 1 students are reporters, gathering information and writing the articles.

Feature Writing student Sean Ellertson, a senior, has done the Day in the Life several times. As a Journalism 1 student he said, “Getting three articles out in one day was difficult. The ‘A Day in the Life’ project was weird because you had no heads up and was on the spot. However, it was a good teaching experience being forced to do quality work with a deadline.”

The 15 Journalism 2 students are charged with more responsibility and are the editors of the articles written by the Journalism 1 students.

“The Journalism 2 students are in change of it and run it,” Bush said, “so that is a challenge for them.”

Ellertson said, “As a Journalism 2 student it was much more relaxed because you do not have to go into the field, but assigning articles to the Journalism 1 students gave me valuable leadership experience.”

Meanwhile the 18 Feature Writing students are charged with writing a full feature article in one day, a process that usually takes 2 weeks.

“A Day in the Life” began in 2012 as a once a year happening, but has since evolved into an event that is held once a semester.

“I wanted an innovative assessment of my students’ skills and what they’ve learned throughout the semester,” said Bush.

Click here to access the “A Day in the Life” webpage.

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