Men’s Basketball hosts youth clinic

by Nick Gonsalves

(Photo: Nick Gonsalves)

edited by Logan Sherwood

The 17 players on the Franklin Pierce men’s basketball team hosted a youth clinic for 11 kids’ ages 6 to 12 at the field house this past Saturday.

Children from the Rindge, Jaffrey, and Peterborough area were able to participate in practice drills with the team and coaches.

The drills worked on form, shooting, dribbling, teamwork, and the fun of the sport. The coaches emphasized the importance of basic basketball skills, while having a fun experience with the group.

Games such as two on two shooting and relay races were also included in the session.

The basketball team enjoyed the experience to reach out to the community and spread the love of the game of basketball.

“I love helping little kids and giving them the opportunity to try something new, especially since we’re fortunate enough to be college athletes,” said senior captain Mike McDevitt. “Our job is to help the younger generations find a passion like we found.”

Junior Gerard Gray said, “Today was great, the kids really enjoyed it and they wanted to learn something from us as they look up to us in college.”

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