Music electives expand individuality

by Jackie Sizing
edited by Ian Keating

The Music Department has six one-credit music courses running next semester and depending on the course, students can have little experience.

The courses being offered are Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Choral Union, Contemporary Music Ensemble AKA Rock Band, and Guitar Ensemble. Although experience is helpful, it is not necessary for Rock Band according to Louis Bunk, music professor and director of Rock Band.

“We could find a role for anybody, even if someone is just playing cow bells,” said Bunk.

Contemporary Music Ensemble has been around for many years, but since spring of 2016, it had gotten the unofficial name of Rock Band. The music styles played depend on who takes the class, according to Bunk.

(Photo: Jackie Sizing)

“It’s really (about) the experience of playing music with other people,” said Bunk. “(Students) can see how you can be organized and get a lot done in a short amount of time and how to use the talents of the people in the group to the best.”

Also, Percussion Ensemble will most likely accept anyone as well as Choral Union as long as you can carry a tune, according to Paul Scharfenberger, associate professor of Music and co-coordinator of the Music Department.

“(The Music Department is) open to everybody… if you’ve done music in the past, it’s an outlet for your creativity,” said Scharfenberger. “If you haven’t done music in the past, it’s something new.”

There are also private instruction courses to learn how to play an instrument, which is two credits. The private instruction courses offered are guitar, voice, piano, brass, woodwind, violin, and recorder. There is a fee of $450 for these courses; however, it can be waived for Music majors and minors. The Music Department does not provide students instruments, except for piano and percussion.

Every ensemble meets once a week for 1 to 2 hours. There are no auditions for any of these ensembles. All of these courses meet in Cheney Hall, which is located behind Mount Washington.

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Music electives expand individuality

“We could find a role for anybody, even if someone is just playing cow bells,” said Bunk.