New website for Franklin Pierce television

by Brandon Desmond
edited by Ian Keating

Senior Kendra Syphers has created a new website for the Franklin Pierce television station.

What started out as an assignment for Professor Heather Tullio’s Visual Design class has turned into something that will benefit the Fitzwater Center for years to come. Syphers did everything from going back in the station’s history, to tracking down the person who created the original logo for FPTV.

Syphers, who is the Manager of FPTV, said, “This is the first time we have had a real website.”

The most difficult part of the site’s creation was the content of the timeline. It currently only dates back to 2011. Syphers plans to try to find people even farther in the past.

The assistant station manager for FPTV, Bryce Johnson, said, “I think it is a great way to promote ourselves and our shows and is a good way to share what we do to audiences off campus.”

The website contains all of the shows that FPTV airs from the news to the show Roommates. It is Syphers’s way to help FPTV to live on.

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