Newsbrief: Air strikes on Atareb market in Syria

by Yuri Furuuchi
edited by Haley Gardner

More than 50 civilians were killed in air strikes on Atareb market in northern Syria on Monday, November 14, according to the BBC.

It is still not clear whether the strike was carried out by Syrian government warplanes or by Russia. Witnesses say there were a total of three separate strikes.

Both the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and The Syria Civil Defence have reported at least 53 people have been killed.

The video on social media shows how tragic the strike was. Rubble covered the streets and panicked civilians were seen carrying away the injured, according to the BBC.

(Photo: BBC)

The town is located in Aleppo province which is part of a “de-escalation zone” established earlier this year by Russia and Iran, which support the Syrian government, and Turkey, which backs the rebels.

The zones are credited for decreasing violence, but conflicts have continued while there is little aid.

A journalist for the pro-opposition news website Zaman Al Wasl said, “The entire market, which contained more than 100 shops, was destroyed.”

Atareb holds tens of thousands of Syrians who have been deposed due to fighting that is believed to have left at least 400,000 people dead since 2011.

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