Newsbrief: Iraq doesn’t want to be where U.S. and Iran fight over their differences

(photo credit: Washington Post)

By Curtis Jordan
edited by Ian Keating

While Iran and Sunni powers fight out their differences, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi will not let his nation become a playground for the United States according to the Washington Post. 

Abadi would like to work with the United States and Iran, but he does not want any major problems inside of his country.  

“The United States has begun to draw down its military presence in the country from its peak of 5,200 troops since the battle against the Islamic State began,” said Abadi.” United States air support will not be necessary after Islamic State is conquered by Iraqi forces. 

The United States and Iraq’s next move is to make sure that another radical group does not surface and to keep a close eye on a depleted Islamic State so it does not sustain any major overwhelming attacks, according to the Washington Post. 

President Trump has assured that he will take a stricter attitude on Iranian expansionism, but Trump did not clarify the United States role in Iraq after the Islamic State has been kicked out.  


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