Newsbrief: Russian government blocks U.N.

by Mike Levitt
edited by Bryce Johnson

Tensions are rising between Russia and the United Nations after Russia blocked a UN security council resolution, according to the New York Times.

Russia blocked an American-sponsored United Nations security council resolution regarding a panel that investigates chemical weapon assaults in Syria.

The panel, known as the Joint Investigative Mechanism, investigated who was responsible for a deadly sarin nerve agent attack on the insurgent controlled village of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria.

The U.S, Britain and France stated that the air force of Syria launched an attack. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carried out the attack. While United States President Donald Trump ordered a raid of Syrian air fields.

United States ambassador Nikki R. Haley said to the New York Times, “Russia has once again demonstrated it will do whatever it takes to ensure the barbaric Assad regime never faces consequences for it’s continued use of chemicals as weapons.”

Russia’s government had argued the U.N panel methods were faulty, and they also questioned how it could produce an objective report on the Khan Sheikhoun raid.

Russia’s doubts first started when the panels method’s surfaced last year.

The panel will officially be discontinued on November 16th if it does not receive Russian approval.

(Photo:New York Times)

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