Newsbrief: Saudi women to be allowed in sports stadiums for first time

(Photo: The Telegraph)

by Nick Gonsalves
edited by Haley Gardner

For the first time ever, Saudi women will be allowed to enter some sports stadiums beginning next year, according to The Telegraph.

This is in the wake of the latest reforms to Saudi Arabia’s ultra-conservative social laws.

The Saudi Arabian government stated Sunday that venues in Riyadh, Jeddah, and the eastern city Dammam will start to accommodate women in early 2018.

“In line with the directives of our wise leadership and its interest in all sectors of society, it has been decided to start preparing three stadiums…to be ready for families in accordance with the relevant regulations in early 2018,” according to the General Sports Authority, the Saudi Arabian sports commission.

It is implied that women will now be able to regularly attend sporting events, but will still need to be accompanied by their husband or male family member, due to the country’s strict guardianship policy.

This is not the only positive change for women that is going on in Said Arabia, as the driving ban for women will be lifted beginning in June, 2018.

These changes arrive as Saudi Arabia’s government tries to boost the economy and improve Saudi Arabia’s international image.

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