Op-ed: Recurring Lakeview plumbing issue

by Taji Owens
edited Bryce Johnson

The plumbing in Lakeview houses 13-20 is becoming a reoccurring issue.

(Photo: Franklin Pierce University)

Clogging has become a common issue causing maintenance to come fix it. The reason why the sinks are getting clogged is because there’s hair, build up of hair products, food and other paraphernalia.

The hair clogging usually happens in the upstairs bathrooms when people wash their hair.

“I know, I’m sort of at some fault for this because I rinse off of my razor when I shave so I know there’s a lot of hair in there,” said junior John Choukri. “My bathroom was just clogged for about a couple of weeks until maintenance came to fix it.”

The downstairs sinks in the kitchen become easily clogged by the lack of the sink stoppers being used.

“It’s not hard to use the sink stoppers but they can become very disgusting,” said senior Mike McDevitt.

John Weir of maintenance said, “These are simple reoccurring issues that can happen anywhere. Sometimes in the bathrooms upstairs the sink latch gets jammed because build up of who knows what inside the drain. The kitchen sinks most of the time have lots of small pieces of food being rinsed down the drain, causing the sink to clog.”

It becomes annoying when its time to wash your dishes and realize that can’t happen because the sink is clogged.  It also leaves off a nasty stench because the build up of the old water.

These issues can be easily fixed if the Lakeview residents can be more responsible and remember to put the sink stoppers in the downstairs bathroom and in the upstairs bathroom remember to clean out the hair in the sink instead of rinsing it down the drain causing it to clog.

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