Pumpkin-fest returns to Keene

by Colin Doherty
edited by Alex Thenin

Keene NH’s annual “Pumpkinfest” returned to Keene this past Sunday Oct. 29, after three consecutive years without the festival.

The halloween festival was held ever since 1991, where a large number of people would gather to light as many jack-o-lanterns in one place as possible. This all ended in 2014, when riots broke out through Keene, which led to Keene officials not to renew the permit for the following three years, but was reintroduced this year.

(Photo: Destination360.com)

“We definitely took a lot more precautions to make sure nothing like this happened again,” said Leonard Crossman in a phone interview, who serves as Assistant Director of Campus Safety at Keene State and also as a professor at Franklin Pierce. “There were no problems at all, it was just an average weekend. The kids respected the wishes of the Keene police department and safety officers.”

These precautions included checking backpacks of all attendants, as well as ID’s. Some of the fraternities on campus faced eviction or even expulsion if they threw any parties.

“Along with everything that the police and fire departments did that differed from the riots, the public works department sealed off the area and did not allow any vehicles to move through, but we’ve being doing that since Pumkinfest has been around,” said Duncan Watson Assistant Director of Public works in Keene in a phone interview.”Other than the weather being less than favorable everything was just perfect.”

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  1. Good column Colin ur becoming quite a journalist

    Peg sindoris November 2, 2017 at 6:47 pm Reply

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