Op-ed: Sewage pipes make Lakeview stink

by Taji Owens
edited by Ian Keating

Living at Lakeview comes an awful smell that storms through the area leaving your facial expression in disgust.

(Photo: by Taji Owens)

Just imagine a smell so awful it smells like you’re stuck in a dirty bathroom for 30 minutes. This is because Lakeview has sewage outlet pipes that come out of the ground and releases an unpleasant odor that can make a person nauseous.

Senior Gerard Gray said, “It’s not cool walking outside and randomly getting smacked by that awful smell from the pipes. It’s even worst for me personally because I live literally right next to them so I get a strong whiff of it daily.”

John Weir, who works for maintenance, said, “The smell comes from the combination of a routine check of the sewage pipes on campus and aeration of sewage sludge.”

I think the school should relocate the sewage pipes deep into the woods to a point where if the wind was to blow the smell, it wouldn’t be as harsh or strong and people who live in the Lakeview community like wouldn’t be so upset with the unpleasant smell.

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