Skydiving trip scheduled for this weekend

by Colin Doherty
edited by Bryce Johnson

The Franklin Pierce Recreation Department is still looking for students to participate in an indoor skydiving trip this Saturday, November 18th.

“Students will show up, and they will have to watch a special orientation video,” said Doug Carty, Director of Campus Recreation. “After that they will put on a skydiving suit, and an instructor will put them into a ‘tunnel’ that blows up vertically. The instructor will help them stay balanced so they can can learn to float around for themselves, and they have a lot of fun doing it.”


This will be the 6th year they will offer this trip to any students willing to pay a $40 fee. The indoor sky diving facility is called SkyVenture and is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Recreation Department is unable to do outdoor skydiving due to insurance limitations that skydiving companies carry.

“Despite the fact that it’s one of our more expensive AR trips, we typically fill our sign up sheet and the students always enjoy it,” said Adventure Recreation Coordinator James Kozlowski. “It’s one of our most popular and talked-about trips that we offer. We’ve never had any issue – either on our end or with SkyVentureNH.”

A few students have signed up thus far, sign ups remain open until this Saturday.





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