Column: Ian Keating rising star player in FPU league of legends team

(Photo: Skyler Shuel)

by Alex Thenin
edited by Skyler Shuel

I sat down with a member of the Franklin Pierce League of Legends team, sophomore Ian Keating, to hear more about their activities.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game where two teams of five try to destroy each others nexus (base). The map is set up to have three lanes that work like interstates that lead from one base to the other. To win you must destroy all the defenses on one lane and then attack the Nexus. Whoever destroys the nexus wins.

The team was started two years ago by Ryan Wooley, who is currently a junior. The team is getting ready for the spring university league, a competition between university League of Legends teams. League of Legends is considered a school sport and, according to Ian, it feels a lot like one.

To prepare for the tournament Ian trains two hours a day on his own and spends three days a week with his team in three-hour training sessions. Although Ian says that the team has a friendly environment and that he still has lots of fun, he did admit that training does sometimes feel like a chore. The league has become part of his daily routine, a departure from when he used to play the game casually, where he played at most four times a week.

Ian has been playing League since 2011, but took a two year break before returning to the game for the team. Ian said his friends asked him to join.

The team is currently ranked silver, which is average, but Ian has high hopes for the team’s future.


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