In-Depth: Positive affects school uniforms bring to schools

by Falu Seck

( Photo: Compton High School)

Having school uniforms is the best thing that could’ve happened for our school and its culture here at Compton High.” said Compton High School Principal, Ryan Kelly.


High schools has kids from all shapes and sizes that all come from different parts of the world. If it wasn’t for school uniforms, so much disasters, fights, and school dropouts would occur more and more in our high school.

According to surveys taken from high school kids all over Compton, California, 82 percent of all students feel a lot safer and comfortable wearing school uniforms to school.  The survey showed that the lower class students had just as much confidence as the high paid class students due to uniforms.

Many schools, known for its gang wars and fights, percentage decreased over 52 percent once school uniforms were enforced into the system.

” Having everyone dress the same and being restricted from wearing anything outside of the dress code has significantly lowered our suspension rates, school fights, shoot outs and etc. here at Compton High School. You see more kids wanting to get to know each other more and more everyday instead of worrying if they are a Blood or Crip by the color of their clothes.” Said assistant principal Anderson Parker.

Stats and statistics have also shown that Compton gun violence in schools went down 63 percent, school fights percentage went down 42 percent, and school suspensions and expulsions went down 55 percent in the year of 2014-2015 according to researchers from UCLA.

These stats show the significant drop in school fights and etc. You could see how enforcing school uniforms has cut percentages in half in the course of one year. A place known for its gang violence such as Compton shows people that this system has a high chance of getting rid of school chaos such as fights and etc.

My personal opinion on school uniforms is that all schools should have this kind of system. Not only does it provide comfort for lower class kids and teenagers, but it also declines school fighting rates in America. Going to a school where kids don’t have to worry about gang violence and color wearing, will make schools a much safer place to learn and get your education. Statistics show how that schools that did switch to uniforms graduation rates increase by a lot. If kids don’t have to worry about being beaten up all the time or talking to a gang enemy, then that allows the kids to focus on their work a lot more and meet many new people that they haven’t met before



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