New Library cafe will open January 19th

by Jenna Harrington

The Dipietro Library is working to open up a new Cafe for students in the spring semester.

(Photo: Jenna Harrington)

The Library Cafe has been under construction for most of this semester as they turned the space into a renovated area for students. In addition Sodexo is hiring students to work there. This new cafe is creating more jobs on campus for students.

In the first week of the semester, January 19th, the cafe will hold its grand opening.

Junior Kara Derrivan said, “I can’t wait for the Cafe to open. I have been waiting all semester for the construction to be complete. I think it will be a great addition for students.”

The Cafe will be serving Prime Roast Coffee which is located in Keene. This company features coffee beans from all over the world. In addition, pastries will be provided from Fantini Bakery located in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Before the Cafe can open, the Board of Health has to inspect it and give approval. This date is happening very soon.

Library student worker Nina Tavarez said, “I’m so happy that the Cafe will open in the library. Now I can get coffee and desserts in the library instead of driving to Dunkin.”

At the sneak peak of the cafe, Monday December 11th, from 11 to 1 students can meet with President Kim Mooney and the owner of the Prime Roast Coffee, Judy Rogers. At this event students can sample the coffee and the desserts from Fantini Bakery. Students are able to enter to win Raven Points for free coffee next semester. Faculty and students are able to vote for their favorite blend of coffee that will be served at the grand opening.

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