Op-ed: FPU should bring back its fallen art programs

by Alex Thenin
edited by Skyler Shuel

(Photo: Allfreedownloads)

Franklin Pierce University has downsized many of its arts programs.

Whether it’s graphic design or even destroying Ravencraft theater, FPU has destroyed an opportunity for students. Although I am sure that the reasons for downsizing were justifiable I believe that FPU should try to restate the art programs and here’s why.

Firstly, some students would like the opportunity. Some students majoring in marketing or English could benefit from minoring or having classes that relate to their future profession. People who work in marketing are likely going to have to work with someone in graphic design, the same with future writers. Graphic design is woven into many future professions.

Secondly, classes that could benefit other students are gone. Although art classes have not been proven to increases a person’s reading proficiency or mathematical skills, they have been proven to give students a benefit that nothing else can bring. These skills are visual skills and critical judgement. Art lets students create something that means something to them: it allows them to express themselves.

Some psychologists even prescribe art to their patients, making them draw or write. Art is about expression and FPU always pushes the messages that we should express ourselves. Art is the best way to do it, in my opinion.

When I took an art class in high school it showed me new ways to express myself. I have a feeling that with fewer art classes, something important is being withheld from students. Although there are some art classes and some art clubs on campus I feel like the student body could benefit from more. Students who are exposed to art are more likely to connect to the larger world around them, connecting ideas from their lives to others.

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